About Us

U.S. Compressor’s dedication to giving you only the best. U.S. compressor has been able to maintain its leadership position.


Us Air Compressors will last decades. We believe in our compressors so much, we offer the industry’s best warranty. Us Air Compressor comes with 10 Years Bumper to Bumper, Unlimited Hours, Exchange Warranty. All you need to do follow the regular service schedule. You can perform by yourself. No service contract required.

US AIr Compressor make the best quality compressor Period.  If our competitors believe in their compressor quality, why their warranty is so short.

What Makes Us Air Compressor  far ahead.


We changed the way variable drive compressors were designed and made. We started from the ground up. Every other compressor manufacturer  simply added a Variable Drive to their existing compressor. Their compressor had too many unnecessary components and frightening amount of wiring,. 

We focused our effort on producing a more intelligent compressor. We built a smarter drive by adding multiple features  that were never in a drive or a compressor. We eliminated 25% of unnecessary components and 90% of the wiring. We now have a intelligent compressor. We  no longer have any communication errors. This makes the compressor run more efficient with almost no problems.


Online AI Service Standard!

US Air Compressor utilize an Artificial Intelligence. We developed The Industry first smartphone app which communicates between your compressor and our Artificial Intelligence in The Cloud, This information exchanged trains  the compressor to avoid current and potential problems.  The Artificial intelligence acts as a Doctor or a Psychiatrist,  This intelligence puts Us Air Compressor way in front 

We focused our effort on producing a more intelligent compressor. We built a smarter drive by adding multiple features that were never in a drive or a compressor


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