USA Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Compressed air solutions for industries of all sizes

From large industrial operations to small workshops, many companies use United States Air Compressors to meet their needs of continuous compressed air usage. USA manufactures a complete line of screw compressors. hahaha you are cool.

Star Profile Screw Compressor:
Air end is a single stage heavy duty oil flooded patented (STAR) rotary screw. Designed with large rotors featuring a profile providing increased efficiency by reducing the blow hole* and reduction of the seal line** length leading to a reduced leakage paths. High flow per revolution allows slower rotation for the same out put. The rotors are supported by roller bearings on the drive end and back to back ball and roller thrust bearings on the non drive end.

This new profile provides considerable saving in energy consumption as compared to the previously known profile. It is estimated most industry use 8 to 12% of their electrical energy to meet their compressed air needs. On an annual basis this expense could add up to significant dollars. USA compressed air equipment offers significant energy savings by means of using the latest technology.

Every US Screw Air Compressor is shipped with a fill of Star Coolant and includes an anti-oxidant package which improves service life up to 300%. With Star Coolant the interval between coolant changes is much greater than conventional lubricants, and provides up to a year of greater operation. Contact your US Air distributor for more information.